From the hardware and software we design, to the unique development concepts we create, we control and manage everything in-house.

That means you will deal with people who have the knowledge and flexibility to modify or enhance solutions to meet your needs – whatever you need, and whenever you need it.

About our hardware

All of our systems include a range of intelligent hardware platforms that are installed on your vehicles. Whether this hardware is generic or customized, it’s been chosen to put you back in control of your fleets, safely and efficiently. Our hardware modules then manage the connection to the server and control the standard monitoring requirements that you require to make a difference to your business – so you can get on with your business.

How can your hardware make a real and measured difference?

    They enable:
  • Intelligent metered-hours reporting – including multiple inputs such as seat hours, traction hours, lift hours, and more
  • Useful impact detection – adjustable tri-axial impact sensors to suit the site and vehicle type, so you can manage exceptions
  • Control over driver access – use a pin-code keypad, swipe-card reader or customer-specific site-access cards that work with different formats.
  • Practical LCD display screens – used for start-up checklist questions and responses, or messaging a driver with unique instructions
  • Efficient GPS – used for equipment location and utilizing GPS geo-fence zones, which may activate speed-zone switching or pedestrian- warning systems
  • Battery monitoring systems – maximize the life of your industrial battery by understanding its exact daily usage and maintenance.
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About our software

Remote industrial-monitoring solutions give you the power to access your equipment, on-site drivers and data from anywhere – so we design our user interface software to perform on versatile, cloud-based infrastructure. No servers. No loading of software on everyone’s computer, or IT involvement for configurations. Once a module is installed, it reports to the database and allows updates to be remotely configured across your equipment. If you can access the internet, you are in business. Of course, not everyone needs that access at all times. Our multi-tiered software means you can control and manage user access using usernames and logins.
    They enable:
  • Total control of your assets – whether they are mobile equipment or fixed assets
  • Access to actual usage time and patterns
  • Best-in-class infrastructure, informed by many years of experience
  • Less need to commit complex in-house skills to manage your infrastructure
  • Scalable and flexible systems that can grow with you, without big capital investment hurdles
  • Improved reliability with proactive helpdesk support and on-site services,
  • Increased safety with active live alerts, and compliance settings to suit your business
  • Online management of historical information to assist in future record searching.

Sample Reports

Dealer Dashboard Rental Warranty and Service reports Dealer Dashboard Contract, Battery Activity and Battery Level Reports If you require other reports we may have them or we can develop them for you... get in touch to find out more.
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Keep up the professionalism. Great work
- Peter Carroll, Distribution Team Leader, Lionco.