Forklift Weight Scale

GEM have just released their unique forklift weight scale. New to the GEM range of products; the digital forklift weight scale is an easy upgrade option to the Sapphire LCD monitoring system. This very unique product is designed to fit any forklift model offering the ability to report back remotely to
the Sapphire website the weight of individual and total loads. This allows all historical information to be saved, provide email alerts on any overloads and show not only the chosen weight but the forklift number, driver name, time and date.

Designed to be extremely price competitive and feature rich, the GEM weight scale option will mean no more overloading of equipment or transport vehicles.

  • Very simple set up with easy 2 minute calibration process
  • Fit it to any voltage up to 48 volt units
  • Overload alarm option. Tell us you want this option and we’ll include it in the loom at no additional cost
  • We keep it accurate with 1Lb or 1Kg increments
  • Push button ability to Tare your load (subtract the weight of the pallet and leave just your product weight displayed).

Weight Indicator-3 Button Lb

Forklift Weight Scale

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