We create custom solutions because everyone’s requirements are different.

But, whatever the specifics, it’s our job to create quality industrial-equipment monitoring solutions that make better business sense for you – in real and measurable ways.

Feel the benefits

    With one solution, we help you to improve:
  • Equipment fleet control – know if you have the right mix of equipment
  • Site efficiency – understand a site’s daily, weekly and monthly usage peaks and troughs, without wasting time
  • Security – know who is driving your equipment, and when, to reduce damage
  • Green record keeping – no more paper historical records to keep
  • Cost savings – use real-time data to improve your process efficiencies
  • Health and safety monitoring – track drivers and make them accountable for their actions
  • Equipment service scheduling and service time frames
  • Proactive decision making on equipment utilization by taking into account fleet usage patterns
  • Contractual usage on a site, and managing of excess hours where necessary
  • Customer service – to better organize service scheduling or major work
  • Visualization of warranty issues, particularly on replaced parts and returns
  • Enforcement of compliance regulations.
My request was actioned so promptly I was so happy I was not in a long list that would get forgotten. Very grateful for the promptness.
Debbie Collins, HR Manager, Nestle Australia