At GEM ONE Corp (GEM), we don’t deal in generalized solutions. We focus our time and skills to a specific market niche, so our customers will come away with measurable benefits, every time.

We provide industry-leading industrial-equipment monitoring solutions.

(It's a mouthful to say, but it’s simple to appreciate.)

As leaders in our field, we don't stand still. We constantly improve our product offerings, performance and support so you can track marked improvements in your business.

Simplicity is ultimately a matter of focus.
-Ann Voskamp, author.

Lasting experience

Our story stretches back 10 years, when we first built and designed powerful remote-monitoring solutions that changed the way the forklift market operated. We knew smart technological solutions could transform business productivity. We wanted to find a way to remotely capture equipment hours from the field and record that data for onward analysis. So we made it happen.

Evolving with our customers

A decade later, the industrial-equipment industry remains our home. Every day, we provide the products, solutions and advice that help make better business for our equipment manufacturers, equipment dealers and product users. And as our clients' requirements grew, our ambitions have grown with them. GEM now develops custom solutions and enhancements that can change as you do. Whether you want fully managed industrial-equipment monitoring or the tools to control the improved functionality yourself, we deliver customized solutions to some of the world’s largest corporations.
Great support from an awesome team. This was just one unit of many, and once again the pre-configuration for our customer has been made as easy as possible. Thanks again.
-Malcolm Schmid, General Manager, Rentcorp Equipment