Protect and serve your workforce
Businesses thrive when robust systems are in place to protect, mobilize and develop their workforces.
GEM brings this power to you by helping you to manage driver access, licensing requirements, safety compliance, and more. The results are wide-ranging and quantifiable. From improving company-wide health and safety protocols to identifying drivers in need of greater support or education, our knowledge can help your people.


Learn from the big picture
Your equipment may have left the factory, but the story of its usage remains measurable.
With our remote-monitoring systems, you have access to a range of data, including continuous performance indicators, up-to-date data for warranty purposes, and invaluable insights that can shape your next business case – even after your stock has moved on.


Arm yourself with information
Accurate and timely information gives us opportunities to make business-changing decisions.
    Track, manage and evolve your equipment usage patterns so that you can:
  • Audit your internal processes to save costs – identify inefficiencies; eliminate excess damage; improve fleet rotation; and increase equipment utilization
  • Share knowledge to empower staff – whether it’s your service , sales or rental team, help others make informed decisions; increase ongoing improvement; and provide personalized customer care
  • Have an inside line to our experts to move forward – whatever your compliance questions or process-development requirements, our custom solutions work around you.
Excellent as usual. If only everyone we dealt with was this efficient!
-Delma Chan, Mobile Plant and Equipment Assessor, SPC Ardmona.

Like you, we believe in working better. And we believe no single solution fits everyone’s needs, which is why we take a customized approach to our client service and solutions.

GEM ONE Corp (GEM) is committed to using its creative and technical smarts to make this happen, in measurable ways. To do this, we design, develop, supply and support remote- monitoring systems for industrial equipment, all over the world.

In short, we create unique technical systems and solutions that comprehensively manage your fleet of equipment, so you and your teams can get on with business – safely, powerfully and much more effectively than before.

Understanding the end result is the core requirement of every new project. We will dig deep into your goals and aspirations to make sure we can turn them into reality.
With a thorough understanding of the desired outcomes we ensure look, feel and function combined into a custom solution.
Now the hard part is done, we will pull our design team together, to ensure your needs combine in hardware and software to provide your expectations. We then, test, test test..
Last but far from least, we will be with you at launch. Everything must work perfectly or we won’t leave the project. We want to be an ongoing part of the success of your initiatives and your team.